Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostic Tests in Midvale, UT

When your car's check engine light comes on, bring it into the Jeffrey P. Davis Automotive shop near Midvale, UT. We can use our advanced diagnostic tests to troubleshoot issues and give you an accurate assessment of the work needed to be completed. Our mechanics can help get your car up to speed and running at its best for as long as possible. By removing the guesswork from auto repairs and maintenance, you can avoid overspending on unnecessary services. You can count on us to identify where issues are stemming from with accurate diagnostics that are done in a timely manner.

Diagnostic Testing for Check Engine Lights

Modern vehicles are composed of various electrical parts, which can make it difficult to pinpoint why you're experiencing issues. However, Jeffrey P. Davis Automotive has diagnostic equipment that is hooked up to your car's on-board computer system and quickly checks your engine for a variety of problems. Once we determine what needs to be done, we're ready to get started on the repairs. Your car will usually warn you well in advance if it needs maintenance, so you can take care of it with minimal downtime. Save time and money when you can make an informed decision on your vehicle maintenance needs.

Trust Our Mechanics for Reliable Diagnostics

If your car isn't performing as well as it should, our mechanics are more than happy to provide an inspection. Visit our auto shop in the Midvale, UT area for a car diagnostic test and high-quality repairs or setting adjustments. Our team is trained to perform comprehensive services at affordable prices, so we can keep our customers safe when they get back on the road. No matter what make or model you own, we can perform engine diagnostics tests you can rely on.

These are some of the issues we'll look for when your check engine light comes on:

  • Dashboard lights
  • Faulty battery
  • Loose adjoining cables
  • Dim headlights at low speeds
  • Blown fuse
  • Bad ignition switch
  • Bad starter

Turn to Jeffrey P. Davis Automotive

Since 1987, we've been the ideal choice for car maintenance services in the Midvale, UT area. Jeffrey P. Davis Automotive offers vehicle diagnostic tests for all makes and models, helping drivers save money by performing only necessary services. Avoid getting stranded on the side of the road and bring your car into our shop for an inspection by our experienced mechanics. With regular visits, your car can stay in the best condition for many years to come. We can handle a wide range of adjustments, repairs or replacements and provide you with top-of-the-line results at reasonable rates.

Contact Us for an Engine Diagnostic Test

Our mechanics are available for efficient car diagnostic tests, so don't hesitate to visit us today. We're located near Midvale, UT to provide you with convenient vehicle maintenance services at competitive prices. Call the mechanics from Jeffrey P. Davis Automotive at 801-263-2002 when you notice issues or see the check engine light come on.